Virtual Reality: What’s New?

Technology has truly revolutionized the world and our lives in so many ways. From commuting to the workplace, to the restaurants we love to eat at, to the special events that we attend, everything has been touched in some ways by technology. In the way we do business today, the use of technology in marketing and sales has advanced connection among partners, customers and sellers. One of the biggest breakthroughs we have in promoting businesses is the incorporation of virtual reality in video production. 

What is virtual reality? Virtual Reality is a computer-generated technology where physical spaces and environments are mimicked to be viewed by the user’s VR headset. These environs are realistically watched with authentic sounds that aims to simulate a 360 degree-human experience in the said environment. This technology also allows virtual interaction with the things seen. A virtual reality headset are put on like goggles. Speakers and headphones are also included for a greater and richer virtual reality experience. Websites like Facebook and YouTube have already enabled this technology for their users to enjoy. While this technology is prominently use in video gaming, this can also be seen to propagate in film productions. The medical and engineering industry too have started to utilize this technology for study and plan executions.     

With the speedy increase of this technology being use in almost all media outlets, different tech companies have also accepted the demand to make VR headsets for the buying masses. Here are the top 3 best VR headsets in the market today. 

Google Cardboard. VR devices are pricey but Google released this low-cost alternative viewer under $20. Using this is simple. Open the pocket and slip your phone inside the pocket. Mount the device in your head and enjoy!     

HTC Vive. Quite an expensive buy but if you want a deeper engagement with your videos, this is perfect for you. This device is equipped with 32 sensors giving you a 360-degree head tracking experience and it comes with two hand controllers as well. 

Oculus Rift. The VR Company to have started it all. This device is best for gaming and has been known to give the best virtual reality experience for all its users.   

Virtual reality is a technology yet to be implemented in all of our media outlets but even at the early stages of its use, we have gone through so much innovations at this point in time. Just imagine where it would it take us in the next few years.      

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